Language & Learning Lab


The research interests of Lab members focus on how the developing brain learns spoken and written language. Much of our research consists of cross-linguistic investigations of normal and impaired reading acquisition based on topics such as: meta-linguistic awareness (phonology; derivational morphology), orthographic coding, second language acquisition and dialect.

Our external collaborators for this work are:

Professor Séverine Casalis (URECA, Université Lille 3)

Professor Pascale Colé (LPC, Université de Provence)


One current application of our research is the design of a language measure suitable for identifying the early communication difficulties associated with social disadvantage. The project is funded by Fife Education and Learning Service. A website outlining this work is under construction - Early Language in Preschool Settings.


We are also part of the Transforming Childhoods
 research network at the University of Dundee.

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