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At Manypage, you can make a copy of your existing website. The copy will look and work exactly like the original. Furthermore, it will be editable in every respect. Text, images, layout - everything can be changed using our easy-to-use web interface. Even on your mobile device.

So if you think your current site is in need of improvements, but its old and hard to modify, why not move it to Manypage where it can take on a new life.

Try it for yourself!

Enter the URL to a page from your site that you want to try. Click IMPORT MY PAGE and we will read all the data for the page and create an editable copy within Manypage. When the process is complete you will be able to view the page and see how easily you can change it. (Don’t worry nothing will happen to your original!)

Please note that the import process might take a few minutes if the page is large, or uses large stylesheets - please be patient :-)

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